Winter in North Country

For those of you living in the North Country, we understand weather, or better yet, we understand when it's better to stay put! Generally, it is a day I like to spend in the kitchen cooking something hearty and warm, but I had planned to get on a plane to visit a campus my son is interested in attending next year and also to visit my oldest son already at college in the South. Flights got canceled, and like most people when you are headed out of town, you don't grocery shop for a few days before, ok, so it might have been more than a few! 

So with that, I didn't cook anything that you don't know how to cook already, just good ol' home-cooked cheeseburgers! Word of advice, toast the bun, it makes all the difference in the world! I will add that mine are made from a local cow, raised by some friends of mine, best burger you will ever eat! If you want to know where to purchase locally raised beef send me an email and I will hook you up. In the end, it is cheaper than the grocery store, and you know where it came from!

I am going to open the truck up this summer for burgers only. Done right with the best local ingredients from farmers just down the road! I am working on some great combinations. I made some horseradish mayo that is fantastic on a burger with blue cheese! My homemade pickles give it a good crunch. Tonight was nothing fancy, the burger in the picture is my growing 6'4, 17 year old's double cheeseburger!

I'll be back to cooking next week. I hope you are warm and cooking up good things in a warm kitchen somewhere! 

Happy Cooking! 

From my house to yours!

Chef Carol

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