You can’t win if you don’t try…

The truck is back in Fort Drum after an exciting week at The Feeders Cup in Lexington, Kentucky.

I didn't win. I am not afraid to lose, it happens sometimes when you’re trying to win. 

The trip was a lot of fun and a great experience! I had a lot of laughs and made some killer Mac and Cheese. Kentucky has some great local cheese. I drove the truck a long way across the country, and got a lot of waves and smiles. We even ended up with a news reporter on our truck for a bit, she did a great piece that aired on the local news in Lexington. 

The best part of the trip was linking up with my dear friend Sheila, we hadn't seen each other in almost 4 years! She agreed to come along on the road trip and help me try to win a spot. Sheila was a big help in navigating us to the locations where we found the cheese to make the killer Mac and Cheese (seriously, you have to try this stuff!). We even found a couple military spouses to help too! Three of us hadn’t seen each other in years, but we had all been stationed together in Bamberg, Germany years ago. 

We had a blast on the road trip, but now Winter is just around the corner here in the North Country which means the truck will shut and be stored away for the season.

Winter is my favorite time to cook, so stay tuned and I will show you how to make some of my favorites: chicken pot pie, cheesy scalloped potatoes, a simple dry aged tenderloin, steal cut oatmeal, and banana strawberry pancakes. I have some simple recipe tricks that make food taste extra good and I might even dish out the secrets to my spicy jams! 

Ready for the next adventure!


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